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Our Vision

Our Vision

Grow. Party. Serve. Together.


Living together as spiritual families, we connect people to the family of God. That's what we want to do as The WHEREhouse. We help people do life together as followers of Jesus. As spiritual families, our    rythyms are guided by our GPS: Grow, Party, Serve.

Grow in Jesus

We want to help people discover in the scriptures who God is and who he has made them to be. God has revealed himself through Jesus, and so we help each other to Grow in understanding who Jesus is and how much he loves us. We believe Jesus also shows us how to best live our lives so that other     people can know his amazing love for them.

Party like Jesus

Jesus went to a lot of parties. Parties were a place where Jesus connected with people that were           disconnected from the religion of his day. We think that's still a great strategy. We love to hang out and have fun together! Since we're already doing this, we invite our friends and neighbors to join us so they can be a part of our life together as we follow Jesus.

Serve with Jesus

Jesus was constantly serving others to point them to God's love and grace. We look for ways to do good in our community - and to serve the people God puts in our lives -  so that others can be directed to the love and grace that God wants to show us all.