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I'm New Here

I'm New Here


We gather on Sundays at 4:30pm in the Graebner Memorial Chapel at Concordia Univeristy - St. Paul. (Directions)

We Value You

We wear whatever clothes we have on. We ask whatever questions we have. We bring whatever       messiness we have in our lives. We hope you'll do the same. We want you here!

We Value Family

We meet in an open and casual space. There will be kids running around. There will be couches. There will likely be a baby crying. There will be a time to talk about the message we hear together. There will be people hanging around afterwards and wanting to get to know you. There will be people from     multiple generations. This is what it looks like to be a family gathered for worship.

We Value Connecting with God

We believe that WHERE a few people of God gather together, God is right there among them. We'll always take time to read the Scriptures together, we'll almost always hear somebody talk about God's Word and we will always respond to God's presence in worship and prayer. Almost every Sunday we take communion where we believe God's presence comes to us in a special way.

We Value Serving Others

We regularly find a way to serve in our community. Check our calendar for when and where you can join in our next service project. Sometimes this happens on a Sunday. We don't meet for our regular 4:30pm worship time on Service Sundays.

If this sounds like a church you would like to check out, please join us!

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